arz - quillian female costume

I've talked about this costume in the previous post with the birdmen sketches and also about how we developed the shape of the characters as well. Today I'll show you the finished, coloured illustration for the female costume. Now females, in this species, were described by the author as being more utilitarian, larger than the males and more heavy set. They are in charge of each household and of every day's activities and decisions. 

Arz - female Quillian costume design - watercolour on paper | 29,7x21 cm

Their fashion is generally like the Soviet Union's working class with the odd twist of colour. With this in mind, I imagined their outfits looking a bit post-apocalyptic with very dusty colours and a bit of a raggedy finish to the clothes themselves. This being an avian species of humanoids, I wanted to keep the feathers within the costumes and change the amount with the social status or function of each character. 

The Arz project has allowed me to challenge myself constantly, always developing new fashions and characters, I honestly would do this all the time. And I never thought it could, but the sci-fi genre really suits me in therms of designing. So show your support HERE and let's make this project fulfil itself into something awesome.


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