the cast-aways

Weekends are always me-time but have recently become productive me-time, that means I'm still drawing and painting but for myself and my artistic soul. I'm trying to put my ideas into practise and work on my own projects for a change. If you'll check out my Facebook page, you'll see what I'm talking about. But that's talk for another time.

The cast-aways - custom portrait - watercolour & coloured pencils on paper | 32x24 cm

This is a very fun portrait I did over the holiday season (yes, I'm that far back with posting... again). This happened to a friend and it is a memory, I think, he'll hold on to, until his old days. And so he wanted me to help him capture it in water-(pun intended)-colour, just in case it fades away with time. And it was a great Christmas present, or so I've heard. 

  • theme: hydro-bike, island, swimming fins, hat overboard, human reactions to tricky situations
  • colour: various

I've also organised the labels on my blog, to make it easier and quicker for you and me to find what we want on this 7-year old blog (I'm shocked of how long it's been).


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