lucy & lora - t-shirt print designs

 After the hype has run out, I finally managed to get this post up and out. I think this should be my superpower guys. The delayed hero.

Anyway, in collaboration with the babes over at Tombabe, we tested out to see how things would go with a designed t-shirt, you may remember Alexa, "and it was good". So, for the second run, I drew the girls themselves, displayed below, in their alter-egos: Lucy and Lora. For Lucy, we already had the pattern, as I illustrated her previously for my sister's tattoo and tee design. But we made some minor changes, kudos if you spotted them out. All in all, this batch of t-shirts was also a success, my gosh I sold out in a day, so who know what we'll be doing after this. Who do you think should be next?

Meet Lucy / t-shirt design
— pen on paper / digital colouring —

Meet Lora / t-shirt design
— pen on paper / digital colouring—

Illustrated / Dushky
Colour / Laura Lazin
For / Tombabe
Photo / Tombabe/ Andi Popa



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