lucy - print and tattoo design

Did you #MeetLucy? You probably have by now. I love Lucy!

She actually was my first experiment with line-art and the single-line technique (in which, by the way, I cheated). And this first one, was actually a tattoo design I drew for my sister... I know, yes, another one. The tattoo was so well received on Insta, that we decided to make some t-shirts for ourselves with the design. And that was a not-so great idea, because then, everybody wanted one. So that is the reason Alexa came to be. Not to say, that even though we've put Alexa on a tee and she was sold-out in days, people still wanted Lucy. So you gotta give them what they want. And we did. Soon. (I mean, I'll post it soon, the tees came out already, they were sold-out within a day. Sorry! We'll make more).  

Lucy / tattoo & print design
— pen & watercolour on paper / digital editing —

designed by Dushky
designed for Ina
tattooed by Attila @ Bizzzart Tattoo

/ photos by Laura Lazin



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