deconstructed ship - tattoo design

I have no idea how to start this post so I'll just say this, I'm not even going to edit new art to show you until I post all the oldies I've never posted so far. That is the new rule of the day. The other rule is that I should be working right now. Instead, I'm here trying to figure out how to write something relevant. And this isn't going very well. But anyhow, today's story is going to be about a tattoo design (part of a trio actually) that I've made, I'm not even going to say how long ago because I want to keep some dignity. The recipe was simple, an element, watercolour, outlines, graphic lines and a bit of geometry. I'm going to get deep into the meanings of each element, truly because I don't even know them. I've just put things on paper. As always. Did I do well? Did I write enough? Can I go now?

Deconstructed Ship / tattoo design
— watercolour & pen on paper —



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