where is your god now - bereta beer label design

Happy New Year critters! Let's hope it's a good one. I don't wanna be the one to put this much heavy weight on 2021's shoulders, 'cause I'm very aware of other people's expectations on oneself, but just don't be worse 2021, ok? That's all you have to do. We'll figure out the rest.

I'll start off the year with some unposted projects from last year, and I'll keep it up for the next six months, okay? I promise. Thank you! Therefore, here's a non-exclusive look (since it's already on my Instagram) at the very cool and controversial illustration I made for Bereta's new-old-probably-out-of-stock beer label called "Where Is Your God Now?". It's a satire, of course, and sarcastic, of course again. I just love these kinds of projects, because not a lot of people know how sarcastic I am deep down, and this is a safe, PC, way I can express that. We also designed a couple of icons, on the same note, which I'll share in the next post, and let me just say, those are even funnier. Oh, did I mention the beer was pink? Now that's funny.

Where Is Your God Now? / beer label illustration
— digital drawing —

beer label illustration by Dushky
design by Sorin Bechira
for Bereta TM



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