deconstructed compass - tattoo design

As I've mentioned in the previous post, this is a series of three tattoo designs, somewhat surrounding a single theme, or more likely, a style. This second one is a compass, which I'm sure you've seen so many times done in tattoo designs because it encompasses (pun intended) so many things. But I've done it... because the client wanted so. As always I added my special touch of watercolour, deconstructed geometric outlines and we were good to go. On to the next one.

Before you start breaking that comment section (literally no one ever, you can check me out on that), no, I don't do custom tattoo designs anymore, like you really need to be really awesome for me to make you one. I'm joking, of course;  I won't get into the "why" of it all, let's just say it's too much hassle and it's consuming a lot of time. But I am thinking of making designs that you can buy. That's on my 2021 to-do list.

Deconstructed Compass / tattoo design
— watercolour & pen on paper —



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