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Art to the Core presents: The Fantastic Four - Streetart superheroes. 
Uman organizează o desfăşurare artistică, în cadrul căreia 4 artişti, şi anume:

...vor picta pe hanorace şi tricouri, ce mai târziu vor putea fi cumpărate de la magazinele Uman din Timişoara. Totul se întamplă sâmbătă:
4 iulie 2009, pe terasa D'arc din Piaţa Unirii, începând cu ora 16:00

See you there!


  1. awwwww.. ur work on exhibition eh?? u better post pictures later on.. :)

  2. It's an art happening in which me along other 3 great artists will paint on some t-shirts and some hoodies. It's gonna be fun I hope! :)

    I'll definitely take pictures and post them here :D

  3. gizz..ce bine,ceva interesant de vazut intr-o zi de sambata:D
    clar am sa vin sa imi arunc ochii si eu pe acolo?
    Cam pana la cat se va desfasura evenimentul?

  4. Te astept! :D

    Pai depinde cum termina fiecare artist, n-am vrea sa dureze mai mult de ora 21 dar vedem :P

  5. io tot vad pe la uman "competitie" scris prin mailuri si dealea ... sper ca nu aveti planuri ascunse sau deastea ca s'ar putea sa va treziti ca ma intorc acas

  6. Nu-i nici o competitie, nu in sensul de concurs anyways.

    Ti-am explicat in mail.

  7. hi! :D i droped by to say hello and to see whats maybe cant remember me im Kristina(left you comments before).. ;)

    i saw your newest works on deviant and i can say i really love them :)
    i wanted to ask you how long do you take time to do one of the drawings? and when youre not happy with it do you start over again or..? cause it really looks great .. i sometimes spend 3 hours on one but im still not satisfied :/ and i was wandering where do you get that amazing inspiration every time :D

    wish you good luck with all of your amazing works :D

  8. Thank you so very much for everything!

    I spend a lot of time drawing, because I'm a detail maniac, I work a lot on my sketches, sometimes it takes 5 hours, sometimes it takes 16, and sometimes 30 min, depends on how many things I put on it, depends on the technique I use and so on.

    When I'm not satisfied with what I draw, it usually means I'm not in a creative mood or just very tired and I turn out with crappy sketches. So I leave them to "rest" for a day or two, and if they still seem unrepairable, I'll start over. But I usually manage to repair them :D

    Inspiration comes from everywhere and everything. You could be amazed how totally inappropriate things can be turned into fashion.

    Thank you so much, I hope you'll like the real collection when it comes out, I'm so excited for the fashion show. Just 8 more days.

  9. your work is so amazing!! i see ur gallery in deviatart and i love it. i wanna study fashion desing but i can't draw, i love to talk whit u about this. i'm from argentina and my english sucks, i hope u understand me. congratulations for ur work!

  10. Thank you so much!

    When I get out of this stress I'm in with my collection, I promise I'll post tutorials on drawing and painting techniques. I hope they will be good for you.

    Thanks again and keep in touch! :)


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