I certainly don't have the blues, but blue is one of my favourite colours and so it became the leading actor for these other two textile projects I had to do for my MA this semester. I admit I had much more fun with these two than with the last ones, just because I found them easier to work on, and I came up with making a composition from separate pieces rather than an entire piece. Both shawls are 1 m wide and 2,5 m long. The first one is based on a theme called "The sound of circles", it's a triptych and the technique I used is called textile collage. This technique is also known as fabric applications sewed onto a larger piece of fabric, creating a composition, it's the same technique used in quilting (see my Doll Quilt). The second one is called "Water", and it is my abstract vision upon this element. The technique I used is Batik printing (see tutorial: Vegetal - batik printing tutorial) but I added some details by hand with splashes of textile colour and drawn details with textile markers (you can see those in the detail pictures).
I hope these experiments with fabric are finished with me because I'm sure I'll be sticking with fashion and illustration.



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