to the rescue

superheroes stickers by dushky

This time my monsters thought they could save (or conquer) the world, so they became ninjas and superheroes. Maybe they should get in shape before they go out to fight the villains. They're pretty slow so you can catch them if you want, at any Uman store, now free with every purchase, or on-line, with every order.

This is the 5th series of stickers I made in collaboration with Uman, and it's amazing we got so far, I'm really proud and thankful that with each series, it all gets better and better. Hope there will be more to come. Until then...

Clearly, you don't stand a chance!

illustrated by me / coloured & edited by Ștefan Lucuț



  1. Awesome work Dushky! Love them, keep on the good work :)

    One of them, with your permission, i'll advertise on my blog (

  2. Multumeeesc! ^____^
    Si astept linkul postarii :D

  3. Can I get the digital version of the Batman 'heroe' to post it? :D



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