[Mature Content] indeed. I feel this photoshoot captured the main idea of my SkeletOn SkeletOff collection. Strip things down to the bones to see how and what they are made of. And even though she is wearing my clothes, it almost looks like a part of her, creating a different life form. I was hoping to see the clothes from this point of view one day and I'm really glad it happened and turned out so great.

I enjoyed working with the girls, I felt the whole shooting was very conceptual and edgy yet fashionable. The entire time I had an image in the back of my mind of something very creepy, fashionable with a touch of fetish in some sort of a deserted sanatorium. Hope to create something from that, one day.

 Photographer: Iring√≥ Demeter
Model: Senta
Clothing: moi

You can find more info and pictures on Iringo's


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