open sunday - third edition

It happened when September ended, but I only managed to get most of the pictures just a few days ago. This time I had a little workshop where I helped kids customise their skateboards. And that concept escalated quickly; soon enough I was drawing on shoes, phones, stickers, bikes and pretty much every surface they could find. But we had an excellent time and in the end it was just another Sunday afternoon well spent. 

So many thanks to Uman for the opportunity and for the event, Anonim Tm for the good tunes and the people for the awesome time! 

I only have pictures with two finished boars, I wish I had with all of them, because each and everyone was different. But you can find more pictures from the event on Uman's Facebook page.

Photos by Ina Muntean for Uman Shop and Alexis Baboo for Datz Magazine.


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