octopus wall

This is a project I had to make during this fall but I got so caught up in work and crafting and the holiday spirit, that I completely forgot to write about it. This explosion of colours lays on the walls of PrintPress, a printing shop in Timi┼čoara. The theme was pretty much of my own choice, the only condition being "it has to be really colourful and happy" and of course, that was no problem for me.

It was a challenge though, since I have never painted something this big outside, and as you might know I am Captain-Slow, but I managed to get it done in a few days. I used only brushes, my weapon of choice, and water-proof paint. While I was painting it I definitely learnt a couple new tricks and I hope to have more projects like this coming up. In the end, I think it turned out quite nice. Hope you like it as well.

Photos by:
Ina Muntean 
Ileana Georgiu 


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