the anatomy book - custom book cover design

 The Anatomy Book  |  front cover (above) & back cover (below)
watercolour, markers & fineline pen on hardbook cover | A4
| theme: monster, anatomical drawings, organs
| colour scheme: blue, red

When I received this project, I thought it was one of the coolest challenges I've gotten, as far as customisations go. I had to design and paint an anatomy book that was part of a gift for a future medical student. To think that a future doctor will have this book to remind him of his beginnings, and for me to have a small part to do with it, is just awesome. I'm really proud of this project and it has given me a very good inspiration kick.

The main themes were a day of the dead skull and anatomical monsters. I used reds and blues, to resemble the diagrams and illustrations from a typical anatomy book and also tried to keep that significant graphic style with my creatures. The skull was just watercolours and graphic details. 

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