arz - shelby's dresses

Even if a woman is galactic fighter and she needs to save the world, she must still have some good evening dresses; you know, for all the awards she's going to receive. I'm just kidding, but the designs are quite fitting. 

The sci-fi story ARZ, has this female leading character, Shelby, and this time I had to create some elegant dress designs for her. She's a read-head, so I've thought about contrasting greens and purples as the colour palette. And a mix of soft, flowy and hard fabrics and also some iridescent and metallic textures. Here's the first out of the three designs.

Arz fashion illustration - watercolour, pencil & marker on paper | 29,7 x 21 cm

Their website is finally done, so you can check it out, find out more about this project.


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