Happy New Year everyone!

I'll start by saying that this holiday season was so very special; hectic at times, work-wise, but very special nonetheless. Remarkably, I've had a lot to paint this year, a lot of custom orders and commissions. Thus given my lack of activity on the blog or on my facebook page. I never thought that my creatures with features project, that I've started doing for my lovely lady friends, would get such positive feedback. Therefore I had to make more than a dozen portraits and a whole lot more faces, but it was a fun process to bring out each personality from people I only knew from descriptions.

I'll kick off this year with a super-portrait, that I've actually painted in the summer (I know, I'm really far behind) with a lot of my friends all together. It was a gift for the colourful lady in the middle, my sis.

Superselfie - custom portrait | watercolour & marker on paper | 29.7 x 42 cm


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