bereta comic strip - episode 2

To all you craft beer lovers and enthusiasts out there, Bereta's 'Ai Pi Iei second batch is out and with it the second episode of the Bereta dude's adventures. If the first one was about his birth in the mid of a revolution, this one is about his growth and his discovery of the awesomeness of what is craft beer.

'AI PI IEI beer label comic strip - marker on paper | 21x29,7 cm

illustration by Dushky
coluring by Sorin Bechira

I'm always having fun drawing these and super glad to try out a new style of illustration. Check it out and when you go out into that super cool and exclusive beer shop/ pub from your town, give this beer a try out, you might just like it. Oh... I forgot to add, it's a limited edition.


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