the chic chicks

This week was very nifty, I've been working on the Christmas commissions, some handmade work as well, made the home more cosy for the winter, upgraded my workspace, saw the first snowfall for this season and finally I can listen to my December playlist. But I also got in touch with so many friends I haven't talked to in ages and some I saw just two days ago, some that are away and some that live close by. And even though so many things happened this week I would like to make it about friendship. So I'll celebrate that with some cute portraits that were gifts for friends from friends. So cheers to you ladies!

The chic chick - watercolour on paper | 29,7x21 cm

  • theme: bike, photography, long hair, the Romanian blouse, happiness
  • colour: various

The geishas - watercolour on paper | 29,7x21 cm

  • theme: teahouse, cookies, kimonos, friendship
  • colour: various


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