a little notebook design

Seems like all my posts begin with a sketch or illustration "I've made a while back". And while that is a bit annoying, that I can't keep up to date with my posting, sometimes I cannot showcase what I'm working on until I the projects are long done, therefore the delays. But not today's post, this one is on my part, on not editing the photos sooner. But if you've seen my Facebook page, you probably knew of this already. Anyway, this sketch was in fact a cover design for a little notebook that Uman Shop printed out to giveaway to their most awesome customers. 

There was not a specific concept behind this one, they wanted me to make something of my own but something cool, hip and urban, so I made a quick doodle of what I think my "uman" style is. And it was a good one from the get go. I'll make some cool photos of the notebook and post them as well.

Something cool - notebook cover design - marker on paper | 21x15 cm


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