the travelling couples

Travelling is one of those things that fulfils me in life. It's what makes all those working hours pay off. And I love experiencing things more than actually owning them. That's why I wanted to share these two portraits today, because they are about just that, journeying the world with someone you love, from Paris to Prague, from the mighty nature to the concrete buildings of the world's most amazing cities. And seeing some of these places myself, after I've put them on paper, finding all the details and building, the exact angle I drew them from, was quite an experience.

The Communters - custom portrait - watercolour on paper ~ 28x21 cm

  • theme: paris, babele mountains, family, happy baby girl
  • colour: browns and earth tones, various


The Coquette Couple - custom portrait - watercolour on paper ~ 28x21 cm

  • theme: prague, couple, batman, dots
  • colour: various


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