hubble and orion - tattoo design

I've showed you the outlined version, now it's time for the coloured one(s). I've already stated how I loved this project and how it had all the elements that I love in art and in life so I'll say a few words about the colour experiments I've made with this design. First off, I've made a version with just some watercolour brush strokes in the background, then one with the colour mostly focus in the circle part of the design and the last, with a multitude of colours, inspired by some great nebulae that are out there in space, with a touch of stardust to finish it off. But throughout kept that style of the colour not filling the outlines perfectly. I can't wait to show you which version went under the skin.

Orion & Hubble - tattoo designs - watercolour & marker on paper | 29,7x21 cm


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