heritage of timisoara / fabric - the minerva house

This summer I got the chance to be part of a wonderful project that involved my beloved hometown, called Heritage of Timișoara. This project sets to pay homage to the beautiful landscapes and architectural jewels of the city, as well as the city's history and local stories. The pilot-episode was set around the Fabric neighbourhood, which came close to my heart since it has been my home for a few years now. I've seen the good, the bad and the ugly of each corner, so when it came to choosing the buildings to represent, I jumped right in with my favourites.

The first house I chose, was the Minerva House situated in Traian Square. I really love it's architecture, it's symmetry and how it stand so tall, even though it is one of the smallest buildings around there. Every time I've passed by it, I've imagined having a chic coffee shop at the ground floor, with a few tables and chairs outside, a nice bistro or restaurant on the first floor and maybe a bookshop or a local artisans art shop at the second floor. Maybe one day.

Casa Minerva/ Heritage of Timișoara - pen & watercolour on paper | 35x50 cm 

Until then, I wanted to bring out the idea of the old and the new in my reinterpretation of the building, with one side as it is now and one side geometric. Throwing in my signature watercolours. But the process was fun in its self, so I captured the various stages of the illustration, and when overlaying the pieces you can almost get the feel of those film slides we used to watch when we were kids.


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