bereta comic strip - episode 6

I am very excited to say that me and the guys from Bereta beers are working hard on the next level for the brand, they are working on getting their brewery up and running and I am working on the new labels, I mean the old labels but the new and improved versions of them. It will be awesome, I can't wait to share. Until then though, here's the 6th instalment in the adventures of the Bereta Guy. We have 10 episodes so far, I hope this turns into a book and the story will continue, it must.

Bereta Beer comic strip - episode 6 - pen/ marker on paper

By the way, I've also added this project on Behance, so head over there and give it a thumbs up, I will very much appreciate it, thank you! Here's episodes 1 through 5 and 6 through 10.


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