sart - vinyl cover design

When I was a teenager I hated when adults used this line for everything: „when we were young, times were different”. Now that I'm older, I don't want to say it out loud, but I think it constantly. And I get nostalgic when I think about how things were when we were kids. The music scene was everything. There were concerts, shows and gigs everywhere. So many local bands, rocking their hearts out in these basement-like clubs. Aaah, the good ol' days. And I'm not blaming the kids today, like a grandma, saying they are only living their lives online. I get it, they, as we all do, live a different kind of life today. It's how evolution works. But I am very thankful to have those memories, when life was about a different set of values.

Anyway, this illustration is a tribute to one of my favourite bands growing up, and I'm being very subjective here (I gave my lungs out and had so many neck muscle strains, singing and had-banging to their songs). The illustration was purposed for a vinyl record cover design, it didn't end up being used there, but I made a mockup just to see how it could have turned out.

SART / vinyl record cover art
— pen on paper —



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