geometric doberman - tattoo design

I was just looking through my artwork folder (divided into many, many subfolders *cough OCD cough*) and found sooo many unposted tattoo designs. And I thought to myself, that it's not fair for my to rob you of this visual pleasure. I'm kidding, of course. But I had no other introduction in mind.

So here's an illustration I worked on... a while back. I don't remember if it was intended as a tattoo design, or just as framed art but I do remember it was a portrait, a-different-kind of portrait, of a dog deconstructed into many little triangles and shades from the colour spectrum. It still looked like him though, in the end. And he's gorgeous, I mean, just look at his face, so majestic. I like you dog.

Rainbow Geometric Doberman / illustration
— pen & watercolour on paper / Ph editing —



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