coffee skull - print design

He-hey, long time no monologues.
I've been in the process of moving lately, packing then unpacking things, building furniture, working, painting, trying to stay on time with projects, all while going through this pandemic. And I will admit, my mental health took some hits during this period. I don't know about you, but when I'm not good mentally, I'm not ok physically either. So... yeah. It's been a ride. But slowly, surely, things are getting back on track and hopefully, they will stay on track. 

I managed to edit some of my past projects, and I can finally show you this piece I've worked on, that I am so, so, so excited about. Now, I'm not big into realistic drawings, I'm more on the comical side of things, but I tried taking the client's idea through my spectre and make it so that we were both satisfied with the result. This design was all coffee themed, as you can see below, it was created for a coffee-brewer (or is it coffee-roaster?), he wanted something that he could use as print design and maybe one day, as a tattoo design. He knew all the elements he wanted in the design and had an idea for the final look, I've just put it all on paper. And in colour.

Skull Coffee / tattoo & print design
— pen & watercolour on paper —

This project was also part of the Drip Coffee project I've had a while back and I played with the design a little bit and made some mockups. I think they could work really well together.



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