heritage of timisoara/ cetate - the kossak house

The second illustration I made for this year's edition of Heritage of Timisoara - Cetate, is probably my favourite of all time. Don't tell anyone I said that. Or tell them. I don't care, it's a beautiful house. Small but interesting nonetheless, I just felt it didn't get the recognition it deserved. In fact, I think even many locals pass it by not knowing its history.


The Kossak House / print illustration
— pencil & watercolour on paper —

It was a casino, a bank, the house of Klapka Gyorgy, but also the house of one of the most famous photographers from the 19th & the beginning of the 20th century, Josef Kossak, the one it's named after. It is the neo-rococo styles, and it's one of the very few buildings from the city in that particular style. It also had a glass ceiling, in the top room where the photographer had his studio. Beautiful interiors. You can check out its history here.

As per my history in this project, my second choice in houses is always the odd out. I think this one might be it for the Cetate neighbourhood. However wonderful this house was in its time, right now it's degrading, almost collapsing. In recent years they've started renovating it and from what I heard, the owner wants to restore it to its former glory. It will take a long time to do it, but I'm hopeful. And I can't wait to see it done.

You can still send e-cards with all your favourite illustrations from this project. You can find mine HERE.



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