valoris - logo graphics

 Oh hey, long time no read. It's been a month since my last post and honestly, it might be another one until the next. The busiest time of the year caught me with no drafts to post on the go and no time to create new ones. It is what it is. Hopefully, I'll get one day this month to take care of this matter, I really hope to get some new art up here before the holidays. Just a goal of mine. Anyway, I'm rambling. 

Today's post is about some graphics I made for a local business (or re-made if we're getting technical). Oh, and made digitally... aaand in vector, thank you very much. If you're following me on Insta, you might have noticed I have a digital-character-design thing going on, A thread, a story, if you will. All in all, triptychs look nice, so that's what I am going for there. Bare with me. 

This logo right here was made for Valoris, they already had a similar logo, but they wanted to add a few touch-ups here and there and give it a more updated look, so this was what I could do. And to be honest, I am very proud of how it turned out. Giving it is one of my very first character-art designs, I think it deserves a humbling "well done". Now that I've said what I needed to say, it's back to work for this little ant... bee... busy bee.



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