performance sports club - clothing print designs

 For those who enjoy the cold and winter sports, here's another project I think you will enjoy. I made these graphics last year for a sports club that needed a new design for their team shirts. It was a bit of a challenge working with patterns and all the technical things that come with the production of apparel, but somehow it falls within my studies in university so I guess I'll call it practice, for when or, more likely, if I will ever do something with my fashion degree. One thing is for sure, I definitely love the creative side more than the practical one. But anyway, for today's post, I will show you some of my initial concepts for this project, because, in the end, we had to change these quite a bit.

So, for the final design, I had to change the colours to the club's colour palette and the red and purple as accent tones to stand out against the white, snowy background. Here are a few mock-ups for the blouse designs, I think they turned out pretty cool, let me know what you think.



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