27 January 2010

frail collection

This would be a collection I drew for the Inspired Contest in 2009 with which I got the 5th place (you can view my portfolio entry here and others' entries here). I was really happy, I did not expect it, and I think that from so many participants, this place was actually a pretty good one. I really like this collection, I like how the illustrations turned out, I like the concept and I think I'll keep it in mind in the future.

 markers and coloured crayons on brown paper 21 x 29,7 cm

The idea revolved around the Slow Fashion concept, and the basic inspiration for my designs was again, the traditional wear from my country. But this time, I tried not to be so much inspired by the clothes and their cuts, but by the fabrics, materials and traditional techniques used here locally.

26 January 2010


Commission for Ica whom I can't thank enough for all her help. I spent around 6 to 8 hours painting this, I really enjoyed it, I've never done this kind of art before on such a large scale. In the end I think it looks pretty nice.

Walls are all around us, mine... are tall (in contrast with myself), very colourful, and meticulously built, every detail is perfect. They keep me safe but hidden, I should know, I made them myself. Don't we all? Don't we create walls of fear, safety, isolation, commonness, routine? I don't mean to sound in any way, but I find it funny how easily we build them up, brick by brick, it takes time, but they're going up, and how hard we find it to tear them down. I really appreciate people that are not afraid of doing so (no... I don't think I'm one of them, at least not all the time), people that don't indulge into a certain something.
Nevermind, it's Tuesday, oh yay, the sun is up but so damn cold, I do not care about the snow that's left, I have my hot coco with me, a stupid smile on my face and I'm ready... to work again.
I was talking to my friend LooLoo the other day about everything and nothing and here's a normal discussion between two not so normal human beings.

I said: listen to this song he gave me the other day
I said: I bet you'll like it
she said: I liked it from the first tunes
I said: it reminds me of the 50's
she said: yup
I said: ...a bit rockabilly
she said: jazz mixed with rockabilly
(...we laughed, because we said that simultaneously and we always say the same things)
she said: cigarette perfume...
she said: ...and men in suits
I said: morning
she said: ...a lot of smoke and coffee
she said: evening
she said: ...laughs and women with red lipstick
she said: you in the morning, me in the evening
I said: morning... a terrace, spring, wearing his shirt
she said: no, it doesn't fit
I said: yes it does
she said: shut up! my story's better
she said: it doesn't work, this is music you can dance too, it's not for mornings and terraces
I said: it works, it's a bit chilling, like... enjoying life... and sun
she said: with a hint of sexuality?
I said: yeah
she said: ok then, it works

And there you have it, the song's review. I hope you like it.

24 January 2010

fashionable features

This week I got two more features, one by Ullabenulla and the second by Stylista. Thank you so much for all the kind words and for all your support!

23 January 2010

ecomechanic spiral

oil on canvas 50 x 70 cm
This was my Christmas present for my sister, it is a painting that incorporates some symbols that she loves mixed in the battle between natural, organic life and mechanical, robotic shapes. The background is infinite. The colour, water-cold. I spent an entire night painting this so I hope she likes it. Thank you mom for the good coffee you made me that morning.


Here's one of the many songs I've listened that night while painting. I find it so calming, it just takes me to a wonderful place.

21 January 2010


I don't think you know what I did last summer... unless you were around wanted to get me out in the city. I was busy for a couple of months working on my "kitties" project, a huge commission I received from an Animal Rights Association in Vienna. The pillows and toys were meant to be part of some Christmas gifts from a benefit ball, so I think not too long ago they've just found their owners. In total I sewed about 70 toys (which are actually needle pillows) and decorative pillows, each one being handmade, unique and recycled.

And some photos me and my sis made the day me and my kitties got separated.
Goodbye kitty!

18 January 2010

romanian glam

Back to fashion... oh, and how I've waited for this post. No matter how long time ago I made this collection, (which is actually a year or so) I still enjoy it. I made these for an exhibition in Serbia, but I don't know how, I've finished college and the exhibition still didn't happen. So I could say I worked hours and hours in vain to finish these illustrations, but I really don't feel I've lost my time. I would really love to put these into fabric but it would take a lot of work, time and money, and also traditional wear was overdone this season that when I'll actually finish with the collection, I'll be so last season. I'll see, maybe for my MA degree.

Anyway, the outfits are inspired by the complicatedly simple traditional costume from my small country, especially from the Banat area, that being the region of my hometown. The pieces of the designs come not only from female outfits but from men's wear too. From that image of the traditional dress, I made it couture by creating something chic, glamorous and stylish.

watercolours, crayons and markers on yellow paper 35 x 50 cm

17 January 2010

24-fun magazine feature

This would be the latest photo shooting I took part of, for Uman. The pictures taken were part of a campaign for a printed advertisement in a magazine. For the concept, we were looking for something artistic, very urban and colourful; the rest is attitude and a good photographer eye.

Photographer: Ina Muntean
Model: myself
Clothes: Uman
Graffiti: Jones

This would be the add from the magazine; is was available only in Bucharest so thank you Alice for the scan!

14 January 2010


I've started talking about my collaboration with Uman, so I'll continue a bit on this topic. I have a couple more photo shootings to post that me and my sister took for them.

What can I say, it's a tough job, you have to stand there in the middle of bright lights looking all pretty, smiling big, put on and take of a bunch of clothes, look nice... it's tough man, it's a really hard. But you know, it's a living...

So I've been modeling, if you may, for Uman Shop for a while now, and I have to say it's not bad. I'm happy that I'm finally getting over of some of my camera issues, so it's not only fun it's helpful as well. I thought I could show you some of my personal favorites.

You can find more, all the time, here.

Photographer: Ina Muntean
Clothes: Uman

13 January 2010

osiris feature

Bigger, better, stronger. That's my mood today. I just got one of the greatest features of my work so far; Osiris Shoes featured a pair of my custom shoes, ones I made for Uman's Art to the Core contest, on their website some time ago. It's an honour for me because I've been a fan of theirs for quite a while and I hope this will lead to more awesome things in the future.

monster dolls

Yes, yes, I think you guessed it by now, I have a thing for monsters. Cute, cuddly, kinky, vulgar, sadistic, voodoo monsters. Don't be afraid, I said cute. I made these plushies as gifts and for commissions. They could serve as key chains, bag or car accessories, collection items or Christmas tree decorations. They are all handmade out of recycled materials, buttons and stitches. I don't know what else to say about them, I am also very tired from my exams, so I'll just end it now, but if you have any more questions don't hesitate to ask.

You can find more toys in My Shop.

11 January 2010

uman feature & shooting

My sis took these shots of me for an article Uman decided to publish about me and my art. I talk about fashion and art, about what inspires me, which subjects inspire me and so on. With this, I would like to thank them for all their support!

Shooting for: Uman.ro
Photographer: Ina Muntean
Model: me

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