uman feature & shooting

My sis took these shots of me for an article Uman decided to publish about me and my art. I talk about fashion and art, about what inspires me, which subjects inspire me and so on. With this, I would like to thank them for all their support!

Shooting for:
Photographer: Ina Muntean
Model: me


  1. Every post on this blog makes me feel ... much better! Why? Because I like people like you ... 'Heart Creative People'

  2. Aren't you the one who got in 5h place at inspired 2009 contest ?:D
    your drawing style seems familiar
    Intreb pt ca am vazut pe facebook-ul unei alte tipe lucrarea pt concurs, si-o insusise ea :|

  3. ps: if that was you, I love your work ! you deserved 1st place :)

  4. Mersi mult! :D

    Ba da eu am luat locul 5, si pe facebook eu am lucrarea pe backgroud :P Am un buton pe blog catre facebook, undeva in dreapta, daca nu e aia pagina de facebook, let me know :D

  5. A stai ca eu am pe twitter :"> ... uh... trebuie sa-mi zici cine :P


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