24-fun magazine feature

This would be the latest photo shooting I took part of, for Uman. The pictures taken were part of a campaign for a printed advertisement in a magazine. For the concept, we were looking for something artistic, very urban and colourful; the rest is attitude and a good photographer eye.

Photographer: Ina Muntean
Model: myself
Clothes: Uman
Graffiti: Jones

This would be the add from the magazine; is was available only in Bucharest so thank you Alice for the scan!


  1. cu pla'
    sowwy for being so damn - half of a year or more - late

  2. :)) nu-i nimic!
    thanks midget! :*

  3. si talentata si colorata si frumoasa...si fotomodeala :P esti nebuna,tu femela! congrats

  4. Prea multe :)) :">
    Sarumana missy!
    Te super pup!


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