fyyff - label illustrations for bereta

 When I saw these designs just sitting in my "To Post" folder I thought "something ain't right". I honestly checked twice everywhere to see if I really didn't post these, because somehow I remembered differently. But I just can't believe I've been sitting on these for so long without sharing them. No worries though, now is the perfect time to get these babies out since I think there's a few of us that would like to use this gesture to say a well-deserved greeting to the past few years or so. 

First thing's first, I'll give a bit of a backstory for what these illustrations were actually about. At the beginning of 2021, I partnered up with the Bereta guys yet again, to create some kick-ass labels. And they, in turn, had a collab with Uman Shop (also some old friends of mine if you remember well) for a goodie-pack, with these beers (and message) included. I'll just share here what the message was all about...

Should we explain the use of so many middle fingers? 
We teamed up with Uman Shop to get the word out on Social Hate. That divisive garbage punches hard right in the search and the struggle for our better life. And we said "our" as in all of us. So, without being any sort of a naive dreamer, we gotta say that before you raise the fist, before you think you're the only one that can handle the truth, try to understand and accept our differences. Debate, Cooperate and Harmonize or F**K YOU YOU F**KIN F**K!

So that's that. But personally, I would like to use this opportunity to also say a bit of a "w t f" to this past year, I mean common 2021... you really did a number on me, right up until the very end. 'Cause you just had to go with a bang, didn't you? So please now, I'm talking you 2022, please, don't use this as a challenge on the things you could do even worse. Only better, sir... only better. And don't even get me started on you-know-who who has considerably effed our lives since 2020. But no hate guys, no hate. We get it.

Disclaimer: if you feel offended by these then you're missing the point entirely.



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