lotw - tattoo and print design

 Time to get physical you guys. And no, not in the dirty way you were thinking about. I'm talking real sports, active, get yourself in shape - physical. I mean, it is January, the month of all new beginnings, right? Meanwhile, I've been sitting on this chair drawing and working on posts all day long. I cried a bit earlier, that flexes some facial muscles so, it counts as a workout, right? Aaagh, the things I do for art. 

But seriously, let's talk about why we're here. This is an art intervention. 

The story behind the paper here is that I initially made this illustration on commission for a tattoo design but somehow, later on, the client wanted to transform it into a print design as well. So we tweaked it a bit here and there and voila! It had potential all along. You see? That's the beauty of outlined art. I always say, a design looks just as good in outline as it does in colour. Speaking from my own experience here, of course. But yeah, I love it when I get to see my illustrations take various forms. 



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