mega image lioness - logo design

 Happy New Year everyone!

It's been tough, I'm not gonna lie. Last year was quite a ride, especially towards the end, with some very high hihgs and some very low lows. Of course, the bad ones tend to punch harder, so I remember each and every bad event very vividly; the good ones I had to put on a list to remember them all. But in the end, I'm very appreciative of all the good that happened and I'm very happy and fortunate to have my immediate friends and family close and safe. And to my loved ones that didn't make it, have a safe journey among the stars, keep an eye on us and we'll keep you in our memories. But let's shake off the 2021 chills and let's start off fresh and on a more positive note, please.

Sadly (wow... that positiveness lasted a second), I didn't manage to fulfil my 2021 new year's resolution, and that was to post all my un-posted artwork. Or maybe I did pull it off, but in the process, I didn't manage to post everything I did during the year. So technically, I did what I said I would do. Ok, so back to being positive again.

I'll start things off with a cool project that I've already posted on my Instagram, and that was kind of a milestone for this past year. Back in March, I had the opportunity to re-interpret the logo for Mega Image, they are a chain of grocery stores and supermarkets here in Romania, and each year for Women's Day, they have a few local female artists turn their lion logo into a lioness to celebrate this event. I'm honoured to have been selected to be part of that group, and I'm super excited with how everything turned out.

My version of the lioness was quite feminine, I wanted organic shapes and curvy lines to express softness. And the style I chose was that of my Overgrown project, where I use this double-exposure technique to fill in a silhouette with all sorts of plants, leaves and flowers. Of course, I added watercolour as well and also the typical black contour lines. I filmed the entire process as well, yay me, I didn't forget this time.



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