rip bananas - print graphics

 Revisiting all these projects from this past year makes me really grateful for the work that I am able to do. I honestly never thought I would get this far, let alone turn my passion into my job. I think I need to reiterate these moments every now and then, like small mantras, to keep me grateful for what I have. And while I was complaining about how last year was not so kind to me, I guess I just kept focusing on the bad stuff, but these little reminders of all the good things that happened as well, really help me balance everything out. 

This cool project was for a new clothing brand that launched last year, called Rip.Bananas. Their tagline is "Be Here Now Moments", which, obviously, is about mindfulness or living in the moment (Carpe Diem, YOLO, whatever speaks to you). So, in a way, also about being present and grateful for those sweet moments life throws at you. Essentially, enjoying the little things and the big pictures.

The design we created was based on their logo and it included all those activities that the brand stands for: from trips into the wild, out in the mountains and down by the sea, surfing and snowboarding, to camping and bonfires and skating into the sunset, on those empty urban streets. 

So... I hope I nailed it.



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