linear floral lungs - tattoo design

 Today's illustration fits with my current mood. It's finally spring, the sun is out and here to stay, for longer than just a couple of hours a day and I just want to sit outside every day, with my skin feeling the warmth of the sun, hearing birds chirping, smelling the lovely scent of spring flowers, and filling my lungs with some fresh air. But I live in a big city, so I have to settle for ten minutes on my balcony, with drill noises and kids screaming, 50 SPF sunscreen, anti-pollution lotions and allergies from pollen. And you'd think I get to enjoy that time off on weekends, but those pretty much became timeslots for planning the next week, posting aaand cleaning... Oh, what a wonderful world. While I sit here compromising and working my ass off, I can't really complain about the projects I get to do. And finishing one of those projects gives me just enough serotonin to keep me going another day. 

So here's a fresh tattoo design, with a pair of lungs, one filled with some mountain flowers in bright watercolour shades and the other making roots in hard, graphic outlines. I love this contrast between the soft colour splashes and the harsh black contour lines, my signature take in tattoo illustrations.

designed by Dushky
designed for Lore
tattooed by Attila @ Bizzzart Tattoo



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