deconstructed spaceship

 I don't get to make illustrations by hand these days, other than the Different Kind of Portraits. And that's because most of my projects are illustrations that will be used as web graphics or in print and it's just easier and more time-efficient for me to make them digitally. Never have I ever thought I would be saying this and yet here we are. Even The Girls I draw have moved into the digital realm. But who knows, this is just a process, I think, and I feel like I am not done with my pencils and brushes just yet.

And so when I got asked to do an illustration, space-themed, deconstructed and in watercolour, I was all in. I also had to do some typography as well, which in caps-lock is not my strongest forté, but I managed to pull it off. Now let's take off on this journey among the stars. 



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