the greek getaway

 Summer's just around the corner and with life being just a little bit back to normal (just a little bit) a lot of us are thinking about our summer vacation, am I right? You were thinking about it, weren't you? And now I'm just sitting here, wishing I was away on holiday. If I could be in a different city for one week, every month, I would be blissful. I don't think I'm even asking for much, right? Anyway... Today's Different-Portrait is about two happy people enjoying their free time with some cool cocktails... pretty much what I'd rather be doing right now. Somewhere on a nice, chill island in Greece, when no tourists are around, where no one knows me and emails can wait. Aaaa... bliss. But this story is not about me - I keep making it about me, I should stop that - it's about this lovely couple, and their dog, and their chainsaw... what? The chainsaw... WHAT!? If you got that reference, you get twelve points. 



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