linear jellyfish - tattoo design

 My sister was on a roll last summer with tattoos, so I had not one, but two designs to create. After the Linear Moth tattoo design, we created another creature, a Linear Jellyfish. Like with any other tattoo designs that I have created for her, it is always a challenge, a good one, because she keeps pushing me to go outside my comfort zone, which is always productive, but if I may complain here a little, what's wrong with a little comfort? Isn't that what we strive to have at the end of the day? Now, I've stayed a bit within my comfort line with this illustration, because for obvious reasons, I wanted to keep my style signature on the design, so we kept it graphic, with heavy contour lines and a little bit of new with some grainy shading, like the one I used on the Moth. I drew this digitally once again, it's just so much easier this way as it saves me a ton of time, don't judge. And I also made two colour versions, a gradient fill with a little bit of texture, and a watercolour version, this time done by hand, on paper, the ol' classic way. You can let me know which one is your favourite and which one you think she'll get done in the end. For now, just the outline is under the skin.

designed by Dushky
designed for Ina
tattooed by Attila @ Bizzzart Tattoo



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