elemental collection

Summer's gone and I thought I should keep my promises. This is my latest work in terms of fashion and my first big MA project, a collection based on elements, geometry and experimental texture manipulation. The main concept was the Deconstruction of Shape, divided into seven techniques. It's basically the second step of my first project, Papercut, only this time, in fabric. It might be hard, at first glance, to consider the pieces as a whole, because the techniques were so different, but I tried keeping everything under the same geometric pattern and colour palette. I named it Elemental, as a mixture of the experimental theme with it's earthy, woody, watery, fiery and windy feel. I'll explain next, the techniques and fabrics used in each garment.

Small pleats on soft linen

Graphic seams on silk

Embedded textile collage on duck

Embroidery on embedded textile collage from corduroy

Textile collage with brocade

Lace made out of repetitive felt modules

Cutting and carving on felt

Photographer: Ina Muntean
Model, mua & hair: me
Design and clothing: me


  1. I loved your papercut project, and I love this one as well.
    Like you said, the techniques were very different, but I do think that it all comes together as a collection rather than a bunch of different garments, and you did a brilliant job with the styling part.
    I kept looking at this collection trying to decide what I liked the most, but it's really hard to choose, just because every piece is so unique, and while something like the one with cutting and carving is very conceptual, others like the embroidered skirt are sort of ready to wear.
    So glad you posted this collection,
    Costin M.

  2. Wow, thank you so very very much! I realy truly value your opinion, and I'm glad you shared it.
    Thanks for understanding this collection!

  3. imi place foarte mult cum ai folosit cursorily. si chiar daca sunt folosite unele foarte aprinse, in felul in care le-ai combinat au iesit outfit-uri cu foarte mult bun gust. articolele vestimentare au forme interesante si sunt foarte la moda. succes in continuare. o colectie impresionanta

  4. Multumesc super mult! Ma bucur mult ca ti-a placut. :)

  5. One day -soon- we'll gonna come to see you in Paris, I promise you that!!!!

    Charlie, a true FAN!

  6. awww... hope so. :D
    Si clar o sa ai vip access ;)

  7. Foarte misto arata! Poate voi face si eu la master un proiect de genul asta. Deocamdata sunt in anul doi la moda. O intrebare: pantofii pe care i-am mai vazut la colectia ta de licenta, sunt de vanzare? :D Sunt adorabili!

  8. Super! Multa multa bafta!
    Inca nu i-am pus spre vanzare, vreau sa-i mai aranjez putin, si probabil o sa am nevoie de ei anul asta la colectia de master (ca sa fac economie :P ), dar dupa aia clar ii pun pe blog la vanzare :D

  9. woman, you're crazy. :| crazy talented that is. love yor stuff as you might know.

    ps. this is my fav http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_9OLM6LNLWk8/TKDoX8sfTWI/AAAAAAAACmA/Fg3z0beeWb4/s1600/elemental+collection+by+dushky+10.JPG, imi aduce aminte de frunzele uscate de alun.

  10. Multumeeeesc super mult! Ma bucur ca-ti place. And I love you're stuff too so I guess we're even :D

  11. esti un mic geniu al modei O_O si nu exagerez. sunt incredibile creatiile tale. incredibil de fascinante.

  12. aww... multumesc mult de tot! Ma bucur ca-ti plac. :D


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