nutbusters - beer label

This collab was super fun, not only it being between Bereta and Hop Hoolings, two of the most renowned craft breweries from Romania, but between me and Diana Barbu, the designer of the HH beer labels, as well. I love her work and if you haven't had the chance to check out it yet, you should.

Nutbusters / beer label design | marker on paper & Ph editing

This label is mostly her doing, I just inserted the Bereta guy in there (with a little Mad Men vibes going on). If you had the chance to study the design closely I hope you found all the little details we put in and had a little bit of fun. 

Project on Behance

Photo by Sega

Also, this collab just recently got a new label, an entire new beer with an even crazier label. Stay tuned.


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