juicebag - bereta beer label illustration

The final label from "The Bereta Fab Three", that a makeover. You can check out the others HERE. This one took some time, to get the character just right, the angles and perspective, the feel of it, the badass(-ness?) on point. It was a tough one, but we nailed it. Again, we started at the first label, drew inspiration from comic books, updated the style and what came out is down below. 

The new Bereta labels are also up on Behance, go check the project out if you want, appreciate it, share it, show it to your dad/ brother, boyfriend... ah what the heck? To your grandpa too. I am really self-conscious about making things look nice over there, making all the projects look put together and presentable, so if you appreciate the effort give it a thumbs up, be nice and kind and patient, as I am still learning and if you have any feedback, let me know.

Juicebag / beer label illustration
— pen on paper / Ph colour & edit —

Concept / Bereta
Illustration / Dushky
Colouring & Design / Sorin Bechira



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