carol porter - beer label graphics

I've been quiet for a while because it's been a crazy summer. Things went from an eerie "silence" in the pandemic isolation months, to full speed ahead in the past month. In the meantime, summer came around and I've just realised that I've spent an entire season indoors. I've gotten a year older, something that gave me a sort of a retrospect over the things I've done in the past year, where I am now, where I'm going, and I couldn't help but feel a bit nostalgic. I finally saw my family again and it was a very touching moment. And otherwise, I've been splitting myself into housework from moving into a new house and project-work, which I am very thankful for, but you know, there's not much time left for anything else. But enough about me. Let's talk art.

The fourth and latest design I've created for Carol Beer was a label for their Porter beer. And for this one, I wanted to circle back to the very first label we designed and so I made the concept more simpler again, with the main character in the foreground and beer ingredients in the same graphic style as the first label, in the background. We had two versions, one lighter and one darker, I think they went with the dark one, which coincidentally was also my favourite. Which one is yours?

Porter/ beer label design
— watercolour & pen on paper/ Ph editing —

Alongside this project, we also did a quick remake of their two core beer labels. And although it might seem like something I usually do, I thought it was a bit more of a challenge than usual. Because I love creating designs which include graphics, but when it comes to creating a design, in this case, a label, made completely out of text, I get scared. I didn't want to mess up with too much text, too many fonts and sizes, so we went for something a bit more simple and minimalistic-looking and I've also added a small, faded graphic in the background, to bring everything together (and ease my mind that I actually drew something for this... I'm kidding of course, but I think it looks good nonetheless). 



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