the modern families

It's been a while, don't think anyone's surprised anymore. After a few weeks on intense work on many projects that I can\t wait to share with you guys, I took a much-deserved break and got my broken back some sunlight and some sea treatment. Now things are back to normal. Not in the world, just work-wise. 
but on today's topic, I'd like to share with you a couple of portraits that picture some modern families, that may not fit some norm set on a piece of paper, but it's a reality. All this is coming from a debate that took place last year in my country about marriage, partnership and the definition of a family, a debate that enraged a lot of people. As with many other situations, I think everyone should mind their own business unless it's a matter that concerns humanity, like this freaking pandemic we're currently battling. 

The Mother & Daughter / custom portrait
— watercolour on paper —


The Father & Daughter / custom portrait
— watercolour on paper —



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