deconstructed rocket - tattoo design

Well, well, well... Look at us, all the way through this project. It's been a nice ride, hasn't it? We should do this more often. Well, I should. 

I'm rambling... 

Today's post is the third and final tattoo design from this series, and without a doubt, my favourite one so far. Because it's space-related, of course. I'd ask you which one was your favourite, but no one ever comments here, so if you're reading this (Hello!) head over to my Instagram where we could have a chat like two normal people. 

I'm rambling again. 

Deconstructed Rocket / tattoo design
— watercolour on paper —

Anyway, the story behind this illustration is as simple as the other two were, a nice element as a start point (in this case, an awesome retro rocket), mixed in with watercolours and geometry. I played a little bit with some see-trough planes and lines, transparencies, and sketch vs paint elements. And let me tell you, when you play, that's were fun ideas happen. 



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