the games

Sometimes we like to play games. Sometimes we play to win. Sometimes we play for teams.

So many game references, I can't take it.

And if the two portraits in this post seem like they have nothing in common (as they usually do; it's my system; it's called 'optimising'; let it go), well, think again. One is about the game of football (fine, soccer), of one of my favourite teams, because it was from my hometown. Got to support your home-team, there's just no other way around it. And the other is about a game of thrones. Still a game. It's not actually inspired by the book/ series (I think) but it definitely is one of the oddest things I had to put in a portrait. But I like it. You don't see a golden dragon every day. Or ever.

The Supporter / custom portrait
— watercolour on paper —


The Golden Dragon / custom portrait
— watercolour on paper —



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