der uhu owl - beer label design

Alles gut. Yaaaa.

Hold up, you don't need to translate this, it's all good. Good like this beer... this beer label... label design?... thing (*crickets*). OK! And if you were wondering, yes, I do manage to mumble a few words into many languages. I'm doing well for myself. Generally.

Alright, moving on. It was about time (was it!?) for the guys over at Owl Beer to turn to the country that appreciates beer the most (probably), so much so that they made a world-known festival for it. Therefore, for this type of beer, I drew a very serious-looking owl. It's engineered to look good. And it's all edgy, literally. Coloured in an obvious German palette. I think we did well. I mixed some traditional with digital again, couldn't help it. But wait for when we go full-digital with these designs, 'cause we do. Eventually. I mean, we did, but I'm behind with posts, again, you know.



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