dorina supereroina - book cover art

 This project may seem like deja-vu, but I can assure you, it isn't. This one came a few years later than my previous project, and completely coincidental, it was about another cute dog with superpowers, this time a girl dog named Dora, Dora the Explorer, or Dorina Supereroina. The client already had the project going, but her illustrator bailed out last minute and she needed someone to finish the book cover design. So... Dushky to the rescue. That being said, it seems me and Dora have a few things in common. 

A quick and fun project, I loved that I was trusted with the style of this, and I illustrated it in my signature style of out-of-shape colouring and graphic outlines. We also added some landmarks of, if you didn't guess it by now, Bologna, Italy, and voila... the cover is done. The book is already out and it has its own Instagram page, follow the link for details. 

The pictures above are some mockups that I've made for the book, but the one below is the actual book, photo credits go to the author, Anca Dunavete. Go get your copy now.



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