herbarium - tattoo design

 I love a challenge... well, actually it gives me a lot of anxiety, but in the end, I kind of love the process and the outcome. When I got this commission to do a customised sleeve "filler" design for a client for whom I've previously designed other tattoos, I got a bit scared of the magnitude. But she gave me all her trust and complete freedom for the style, which is more than I could ask for. So we had a weird space to fill, hence the "weird" shape, with various plants that she loves or has in her home. So, it's like a personalised herbarium. We also wanted to incorporate a few styles, so we had a negative space, a shade-only element, an outline-only element, a dotted element/ texture, flat-filled elements... basically a bit of everything, but seamlessly tied in together. And I think we nailed it.



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